Issue #1: The Blog Train From Hell

Ladies, Gentlemen, Transgendered …

Welcome to the first edition of the Blog Train From Hell!

This monthly blogazine features short stories and other literary works from #WriterNation writers such as Rooster Smith, Scott Livingston, Jim Liston, Jaja Wallace and more …

But we serve a higher purpose than just shocking the balls and ass of the literary world! #WriterNation was founded with the sole purpose of finding helpful correspondences, so that writers could work with other writers to improve their craft!

So rest assured reader, if you visit any of these blogs and leave an honest, helpful and detailed critic, these select members of #WriterNation would be honor bound to do the same for you.  And maybe one day you can join them on the pages of THE BLOG TRAIN FROM HELL!!!

This Month:

Shit Creek by Rooster Smith
Pastor’s Firth and Kal are sent to the distant planet of Shit Creek to spread the good word and shoot down some space raiders. Awesome! But they’re soon enlisted to track down the Mayor’s missing daughter with a drug smuggler named Johnny Hitler.

Diane’s Dream by Jim Liston
When Diane walked into the room, she immediately knew that the man who was going to kill her was there.  Diane has known about her death for six weeks; she has seen it happen, repeatedly, in her dreams.

She Walks by Scott Livingston
She walks …
…down the narrow corridor, seeking yet another victim to bolster her mad obsession. Adorned in modest suburban apparel, the sharp report of sensible heels betrays her whereabouts, a beacon to those cringing in terror at the lady’s approach.

New Word to the Pa-ayello by Scott Livingston on the Story Shack
Frigid winds howled across a surface of deerskin pelts stretched taught over skeletons of wooden rods, providing shelter for the people huddled within. The eastward migration of the Pa-ayello had come to a standstill as monumental sheets of ice and snow blocked their passage.


Assholes Through Time 7: A New Beginning …

Gorilla Monsoon stared back at me as more than 60,000 people booed him in Toronto’s Skydome.

“Well, again, we’d like to apologize to everyone here.  We don’t know what’s going through the Hulkerster’s head at this point…”

“He’s a coward, Gorilla, I’ve always said so!”  Jesse Ventura was smiling broadly. Continue reading

ATT-3 Rectum, nearly kilt’em!

Joan and Hogan wove their way down the dank, narrow passages of the subterranean fortress, furtively seeking their evasive companions. Upon rescue, the old rivalry resurfaced quickly between Twitchy and JP, causing the latter to spew expletives in a steady stream toward his betraying former comrade. In what could only be described as a colossal “hissy fit”, Twitchy fled the scene as Johnny angrily took pursuit, leaving Joan and the Hulkster holding the proverbial bag. Continue reading

Assholes Through Time Part 2

I should have taken the opportunity to get even with Twitchy while escaping the prison.  But between watching Joan killing Germans with a glorious vengeance, and trying to keep the Hulk from hitting on her, Twitchy got away from me again.  No matter, I knew where he was headed this time.  I caught a glimpse of a paperback book he was carrying in his back pocket.  Good ‘ole Twitchy, even back in our college days, he couldn’t stand to go anywhere without first doing some research.  The book he was reading was Time After Time, so I knew that he was headed for London, in the late 19th century. Continue reading

Assholes Through Time

Assholes Through Time

My name is John Paul Montgomery. Last year I built a time machine out of a dirt bike with my college roommate, Twitchy.

Me and Twitchy agreed that while it was an incredible scientific achievement, the responsibility and power was too much for two freshmen.

So the bike collected dust in the corner of our dorm until I caught Twitchy banging my girlfriend Jennifer.

The filthy traitor jumped on the bike to avoid the worst beating of his life! Continue reading

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Join #WriterNation

Review someone’s work and have your work reviewed in return.

#WriterNation is a group of writers that read and review each others work, exchanging ideas and giving suggestions. If you are willing to read and comment on the work of other authors and add a link on your site to the member’s sites, you are welcome to join. Continue reading